LEAKED: Obama's Indoctrination Video to School Children.

Shhhhhh. Someone has leaked Obama's indoctrination video to school children.

From headzup:

It turns out the right wingers are correct, as the video of President Obama's address to the school children of America has been leaked, and it's full of Communist/ Socialist/ Marxist/ Fascist indoctrination materials.

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Jason Linkins has a lot more on Obama's, shhhhh, indoctrination:

Yesterday, I noted that Florida's GOP Chair Jim Greer had heard about President Barack Obama's intention to address the schoolchildren of America on the occasion of the start of a new school year, and went quite mental, warning darkly that the address was nothing more than a dastardly inculcation into socialism and a viral spread of liberal propaganda. Naively, I imagined this would be a derangement confined to a few weird nobodies, but, duh, I forgot: everyone is crazy now. So, this matter has thus become a Thing. Let's dispense with the highlights!

Glenn Beck hit this early, in a hurry, announcing that he would be countering Obama's address by airing a "special one-hour broadcast next Tuesday on television on the indoctrination of your children." Naturally, new wacko-target Van Jones figured into Beck's remarks, along with a warning that the "republic is under attack" from a video that encourages kids to do homework and stuff:

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