UPDATE: House Passes Motion Of Disapproval Against "You Lie!" Wilson: 240 to 179

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a Motion of Disapproval against Rep. Joe You Lie! Wilson, who embarrassed the congress, himself, and his state when he screamed out at the President during his joint session of Congress.

Via TPM:

The motion to disapprove of Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-SC) outburst of "You lie!" during President Obama's speech to Congress last week has now passed in the House.

The numbers: 240 Yes, 179 No, and 5 Present.

Late Update: In terms of party breakdown, 12 Democrats voted No, and five Dems voted Present. In addition, seven Republicans voted Yes.

Late Late Update: The roll call vote is available here. The listing of crossover votes is available after the jump.


UPDATE: Mrs. Joe Wilson: My husband is the “nut” who “hollered out, ‘you lie.’” (via Think Progress):

Politico reports that Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) wife, Roxanne Wilson, admitted that she couldn’t believe her husband was “the nut” who shouted “you lie” during President Obama’s speech before a joint session of Congress last week. In a campaign video in support of her husband’s reelection, Roxanne explains:

I watched the speech. Joe called me after the speech on Wednesday night and I said, ‘Joe who’s the nut who hollered out “you lie,” “you liar”?’ And he goes, ‘It was me.’ And I said, ‘No really! Who did it?’ I couldn’t believe that Joe would say that!”

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UPDATE II: Poll: Majority Of Republicans Opposes Wilson’s “You Lie” Outburst (via Greg Sargent):

If, as expected, many House Republican officials rally behind Joe Wilson for his “you lie” moment during the House debate on Wilson today, they will be putting themselves out of step with rank and file voters in their own party.

Yep, if you look at the relevant numbers buried in this new Gallup poll, you’ll see that a majority of Republicans opposes Wilson’s outburst. Here’s the breakdown of Republican attitudes towards the “you lie” moment:

Support, thrilled: 9%
Support, not thrilled: 30%
No opinion: 8%
Oppose, not outraged: 44%
Oppose, outraged: 8%

As you can see, 44 percent oppose what Wilson did, but are not outraged, while another eight percent oppose it and are outraged. That’s a total of 52% of Republicans who oppose Wilson’s explosion — versus only 39% who support it.


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