Glenn Beck Has Lost Over 50% of His Ad Dollars

Color of Change has had a major impact of Glenn Beck, despite all big talk to the contrary. Today, they've announced something spectacular: 50% of Glenn Beck's advertising dollars are gone. 50%!

Rupert Murdock is losing nearly $600,000 a week on Glenn Beck.

It doesn't matter how many viewers a how has, if advertisers refuse to pay for it, a show doesn't make money -- and you can bet your sweet ass that's all Rupert Murdoch and his shareholders care about.

The man should be in an institution, not on television.

From Color of Change:

Today, we're announcing that Glenn Beck's show has lost over 50% of its advertising dollars since just before our campaign started.

From our press release about the news:
The advertising boycott of Glenn Beck has cost the controversial host over half of his estimated advertising revenue since it was launched by ColorOfChange.org a month ago. This according to data analyzed from industry sources.

Estimated advertising revenue [the total amount of advertising money being spent during a block of commercial time for a program] was collected on a week-by-week basis for a period of two months. According to the data collected, the amount of money spent by national advertisers on Beck's program per week was at its highest at approximately $1,060,000, for the week ending August 2, 2009. ColorOfChange.org launched their campaign at the end of that week and since then, 62 advertisers have distanced themselves from Beck. Data collected for the week ending September 6, 2009 shows Beck's estimated ad revenue at $492,000, equal to a loss of $568,000.

"Fox News Channel has consistently claimed they haven't lost revenue as advertisers abandon Glenn Beck, but the numbers prove otherwise," said James Rucker, Executive Director of ColorOfChange.org. "Fox News Channel has a limited amount of ad positions. If 62 companies refuse to run ads on two of their 24 hours of programming, they are losing inventory. No matter how high Beck's ratings have been lately, advertisers still see Beck as toxic and don't want him associated with their brands. There is no way that Fox News Channel is making the money they should be making with Glenn Beck."


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