Dry Drunk Glenn Beck Loses Another Sponsor… His A.A. Sponsor

This reminds me a little of Bachem Macuno's " I Fucked Ann Coulter In The Ass, Hard." Only this time, the subject is Glenn Beck.

Here's a taste of "Glenn Beck’s A.A. sponsor decides to drop him too, but not because he’s a racist" by Too Safe:

You can now add Darenn Tipple’s name to the growing list of sponsors who have dropped the doltish FoxNews show host. Tipple had been Beck’s AA (Alcoholics’ Anonymous) sponsor for the past two years; a feat many thought was impossible considering that in 14 years, none of Beck’s previous sponsors had lasted more than six months. Tipple’s feat did not go unnoticed though, as he was presented with the Medal of Mettle at an AA banquet yesterday. The medal is the highest honor given by the organization, and is only given to those who have shown unbelievable courage to stay sober in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

In case you can't figure it out, the piece is snark. But as a recovering alcoholic I say this: If ever there was a poster child for a dry drunk, it's Glenn Beck. Truth is though, I honestly think since he's been at Fox "news" -- but especially after 60+ advertisers have dumped him and he's in danger of losing his show -- he's definitively drinking again.

I can't even imagine what meetings with hism must have been like. Make me nauseous just thing about it.

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