DNC Rips Cheney In New TV Ad: "Wrong Then, Wrong Now"

The DNC is releasing a new TV ad that rips into Dick Cheney for his false claims that his torture program was effective in stoppi9ng another terrorist attack on the U.S.. "Wrong Then, Wrong Now," will be played nationally (via HuffPo):

Controversy surrounding interrogation techniques used by the CIA on terror suspects under the Bush administration has been astir since President Obama's declassification of internal CIA documents assessing such measures in recent weeks. The scandal, which has sparked a firestorm of questions regarding former Vice President Cheney's complicity in authorizing such measures, is nothing new. What is new, is the launch of an ad by the DNC that directly challenges Cheney's dubious claims that the CIA torture in question worked.

While Cheney has long been the subject of progressive scrutiny, his provocative antics have generally been ignored by the Democratic party. This bold ad points out Cheney's inaccuracy and culpability on multiple issues.

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