Dickipedia: Teabaggers

In light of Glenn Beck's, 6 billion strong teabaggers protest on 9/12, I thought this was worth repeating...

From Wikipedia:
Teabaggers born January 20, 2009, are American protesters with little to no understanding of sexual slang.

Alright, the elephant with giant balls in the room. A "teabagger" is defined as: a man who dips his testicles into the mouth of another person (as if dipping a tea bag into hot water).

Despite the fact that calling them "dicks" seems gratuitous in its reference to the male anatomy, never has their dickishness been more evident than when they came out in droves on September 12, 2009, opposing government-run health care, higher taxes, current fashion trends, bailouts, increases in the government's power, shirts with sleeves, and all logical thought. These Teabaggers have taken part in a "grassroots" campaign that has covered the nation in spontaneous protests since tax day 2009. And by "grassroots," I mean "nationally organized and supported by Fox News."

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