Constituents Demand GOP's Health Plan Details From House Minority Whip Eric Cantor

House Minority Whip, Eric Cantor (R), was confronted by constituents who were upset that Republicans haven’t put out any health care reform proposals of their own.

From The Hill:

Richmond resident Ben Ragsdale demanded to know how Republicans were going to expand access to healthcare if they have only a four-page list of bullet-points as their plan.

“What is your substantive proposal to meet these real everyday problems that people have? Where’s the beef?” Ragsdale asked, triggering applause from the crowd.

The telegenic GOP lawmaker said Republicans and Democrats should work together on areas were they agree, but could not show the crowd a detailed plan that has been endorsed by House Republicans.

Cantor earlier this year said House Republican leaders would release an alternative healthcare plan, but have not done so yet. House Republicans have introduced several different health bills, as opposed to one concrete alternative.

Marlise Skinner, a registered nurse who has dealt with medical insurance issues for years, also pressed Cantor.

Skinner told him that “the public option seems to be the best that’s out there so far … what is the alternative out there that would truly control costs, because I’m hearing a lot of spin but I’m not hearing what you would do to control it?”

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