400 Former Obama Campaign Staffers, 25,000 Obama Volunteers, and 40,000 Obama Donors Take Out Full Page NYT Ad Targeting President

Check out this full-page ad in today's NY Times from 400 Obama campaign workers, who are demanding - like any of us are -- that the president fight for a public health care option.

From HuffPo:

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee raised over $100,000 online to fund the ad, which will be published in the paper this week. It features a petition signed by 400 former Obama campaign staffers, 25,000 Obama volunteers, and 40,000 Obama donors that states health care reform without a public option is not "change we can believe in." The full page can be seen at ActBlue, where the group is now raising money to turn it into a television spot featuring Obama organizers.

"To avoid losing the grassroots army that got him elected, President Obama needs to do more than express a preference for the public option," PCCC co-founder Adam Green said. "He needs to draw a line in the sand and fight hard for it."

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is now trying to raise money to turn this into a television ad:

We reached our goal of $100,000! Thousands of you helped fund the full-page New York Times ad below, which will run this week!

Can you help us reach $175,000 to run powerful TV ads in Washington DC featuring some of these Obama organizers?

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