Top 10 Reasons Not to Advertise With Glenn Beck

BuzzFeed has put together a video top 1o list of reasons not to advertise ON Glenn Beck's show.... It's nice to have all these videos in one place. I picked out my favorites, but you should click over to see the rest.

1. He thinks that Obama is a racist

This is the clip that started the whole controversy. Beck on “Fox and Friends” saying that Obama has a “deep seeded hatred for white people.”

4. He wants America to get attacked by terrorists

Beck and his guest, Michael Scheuer, think that we need another good, old-fashioned terrorist attacks to get us off our lazy, peaceful asses.

6. He secretly suspects all Muslims are terrorists

When Minnesota elected the first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, Glenn Beck had him on to make sure he wasn't one of those sneaky Al-Qaeda in disguise.

7. He's not convinced Obama's not the Anti-Christ

Look, a lot of people are saying that Obama could be the anti-christ. Glenn isn't saying he is, but he's just keeping an open mind about it.

9. He makes fun of the handicapped

Not only that, the handicapped woman he is making fun of is President Obama's aunt of all people.

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