Ted Kennedy DID NOT Support FINAL Medicare’s Prescription Plan Because Bush & the GOP LIED

The GOP, Fox "news" and conservadems are spreading this particular piece of propaganda and it's disgusting. How can any civilized person do this to a man who fought all his life for what was right?

Sen. Kennedy NEVER negotiated away his core principles for the sake of bi-partisanship. Ever. Yes, he worked with rethugs, when he had too, but one of the Senator two greatest REGRETS was taking George Bush & at his word when it came to the Medicare’s prescription Drug Plan. Bush lied to him. Just like he lied to him on "No Child Left Behind," his other great regret as the program ended up being nothing more that surface bullshit because it was DELIBERATELY not funded.

Don't believe me? Check out this video from DKTV:

Fox News propaganda vs. what really happened: Ted Kennedy and Medicare’s prescription drug benefit

The fact that barely any journalist has come out and called bullshit on this so easily refuted like is astounding to me.

They used Sen. Kennedy then just like they are trying to use him now!

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