Republican's Stimulus Hypocrisy Continues Unabated

Think Progress has been keeping any eye for all those rethugs who say how awful the economic stimulus plan is from one side of their mouth while from the other side, touting their ability of bringing home the bacon as if they're the one who got it for them.

Here's their full report, Stimulating Hypocrisy:

Earlier this year, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 without a single Republican vote in the House of Representatives and with the support of only three Republicans in the Senate. This stimulus bill, which included $552 billion in spending and $275 billion in tax cuts, has provided much-needed support to state and local economies across the country. Cognizant to this fact, conservatives have jumped on the chance to personally deliver stimulus money to their cash-strapped states and districts, while conveniently brushing past their original opposition. A two-faced approach to the stimulus debate has become routine for many Republicans, with many GOP lawmakers who are standing against the stimulus in Washington, D.C., but touting it when they travel home to their constituents.

While the report is fascinating, here are some of their more prominent headlines. Click over to each story if you want to read the infuriating details.

The most recent article is on Gov. Tim Pawlenty's hypocrisy, but no one takes the cake like Bobby Jindal though.
But, the real question is, why aren't Democrats all over the cable news shows pointing this out?!

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