UPDATED: Poor Advertiser Losing Glenn Beck

UPDATE I: Sargento's statement to Media Matters' Oliver Willis and the video of Becks' Nancy Pelosi comments:

Last week I sent an email to Sargento asking about their advertising on Fox News' Glenn Beck in light of Beck's comments about Speaker Pelosi. I received this response:

We deeply appreciate your reaching out to us and sharing your comments and concerns about Sargento ads appearing during "The Glenn Beck Show." We sat down with the marketing department to talk about it and I learned that we buy time periods not specific programs. But in any event, they've made the decision to exclude that program from our future ad rotation. Simply stated, Sargento ads won't be airing during that show. Again, thanks for contacting us.

Pat Lombardo

Sargento Consumer Affairs Department


This is the video of him joking about "poisoning Nancy Pelosi" (from Media Matters):

UPDATE II: WaPo's Capehart on Beck: Maybe losing advertisers will "pump the brakes on some of these wild statements"

From the August 14 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:


As Glenn Becks advertisers continue to jump ship word has spread about more additions to the list of advertisers who are appalled that their ads were placed on this nuts show. On Thursday, Sargento, ConAgra, RadioShack, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis and all dropped sponsorship of Beck's program.

Via Market Watch:

Privately held Sargento told its media buyer not to put any of its ads in Beck's show, said a spokeswoman.

"We market our products to people regardless of their political affiliations," she said. "Yet we do not want to be associated with hateful speech used by either liberal or conservative television hosts."


The NY Times reports ConAgra has bailed too:
The companies that have moved their ads elsewhere in recent days included ConAgra, Geico, Procter & Gamble and the insurance company Progressive. In a statement that echoed the comments of other companies, ConAgra said on Thursday that “we are firmly committed to diversity, and we would like to prevent the potential perception that advertising during this program was an endorsement of the viewpoints shared.”

From Color of Change:
ConAgra, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis and RadioShack Pull Advertisements from Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck

OAKLAND, Calif.—ColorOfChange.org this week received confirmation from four more companies – ConAgra (maker of Healthy Choice products), Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, and RadioShack – pledging to pull their ads from Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck show. These new defections come on the heels of reports that Men’s Wearhouse, State Farm and Sargento also pulled their ads in recent days. They join LexisNexis-owned Lawyers.com, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, SC Johnson and GEICO, who all pulled their ads from Glenn Beck after the news host called President Obama a “racist” who “has a deep-seated hatred for white people,” on “Fox and Friends.”

“…Upon review of this particular program, we have discontinued our advertising for all ConAgra Foods products during its airing,” said Stephanie Childs, spokesperson for ConAgra Foods, in an email to ColorOfChange.org. “We share your commitment to diversity in all areas of life and appreciate you sharing your concerns with us.”

“We have specified that our ads will no longer run on Mr. Beck's show,” said Sean Connor, Manager of Media Services and Purchasing for Sanofi-Aventis, in an e-mail to ColorOfChange.org. “We have included this show on a list of programming that should not be utilized within the Fox network buys. Thank you for drawing our attention to this matter.”

“This confirms that there is no advertising we (RadioShack) [are] buying on the Glen Beck Show or anywhere on the Fox News Channel,” said Dave Hamlin, Director of Media Services for RadioShack, in an email to ColorOfChange.org. “What viewers are seeing on FNC and Glen Beck is manufacturer advertising that has tagged their messages with "RadioShack" as the retail destination to purchase their product(s). In this most recent instance, it is most likely the product called magicJack that has tagged our name throughout their commercial.”


Also, The ColorOfChange.org email urged members to go visit http://www.colorofchange.org/beck/
From Reuters:
NEW YORK (Nielsen Business Media) - Some of the nation's biggest advertisers are distancing themselves from Fox News host Glenn Beck after he called President Obama a racist during a July 28 broadcast.


The controversy stems from Beck's comment that President Obama is a "racist" with "a deep-seated hatred for white people."


Progressive Insurance representative Cristy Cote said that there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the company's involvement with the program. "We had not bought advertising on the show in the first place," she said, "so when we learned that our advertising had appeared on the show by mistake, we contacted the network to correct the error."

She said Progressive tries to "avoid programing that we believe our customers and potential customers might find extremely offensive."

A Procter & Gamble representative echoed that sentiment: "At times our ads are run by mistake on shows that they were not meant to ... Any of our ads that ran did so by mistake, and we'll try to make sure that doesn't happen in the future.

I'm wondering if this had anything to do with it. From Media Matters:

Or could it possible be this Rachel Maddow segment?
Well, it was bound to happen. Stephen Colbert joined in the fun:
Glenn-Harried Glenn-Lost

Glenn Beck didn't call President Obama a racist, and he didn't compare his health care plan to Hitler's eugenics program.

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Glenn-Harried Glenn-Lost
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As has Keith Olbermann (who never really leaves it!):
Fox Suffers From Beck Backlash

Even Andy Borowitz is getting in on the act:
Glenn Beck: Government-owned GM to Make Cars Fueled by Euthanized Grandmas

Fox News host Glenn Beck stirred populist outrage today by reporting that taxpayer-aided General Motors is set to make cars that run on the fuel of euthanized grandmas.

Mr. Beck said that the grandma-fueled cars were part of President Obama's "Hitler-like plan" to bail out the auto industry by converting the elderly into fuel.

While acknowledging that he had "no facts" to back up his report, Mr. Beck said, "There's only one way to find out if this plan is for real: run out into the street and start shouting." More here.

Now wonder Rep. Rick Larsen didn't mind tearing Glenn a news one at his town hall:

"With regards to the first comment about being forced to buy health care, I'll say it again... The bill does not force anybody to buy health care ... The bill does not force people to change their health care plan. If you're in a plan, you will not be forced into the public option. You will not be forced into the health insurance exchange. Now folks will say that's not true, but I've got facts on my side and you've got Glenn Beck on your side. It's just not going to play out that way."
I'll keep you updated on new developments as they arise.

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