Petition CNN: Allow Ads Critical of Health Insurance Industry

Not only does CNN refuse to do anything to stop Lou Dobbs' racist crusade using the birthers conspiracy was propaganda tool and exposing him for the paranoid host and charlatan he is.-- citing his right to his opinion -- but, they have no problem refusing others to place ads on their network exposing the health Insurance Industry for what the monsters they are:

You can do something. From American's United for Change:

Watch The Ad That CNN is refusing to air

Petition Text

“CNN refusal to air an ad by American’s United for Change attacking the health Insurance Industry’s opposition to health insurance reform is outrageous. As a news organization CNN has reported how the health care industry, including CIGNA, is fighting key platforms of President Obama’s health insurance reform program. CNN should stop censoring television ads that criticize health insurers for obstructing real health care reform.”

Sign the petition HERE.

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