Michele Bachmann’s Son Joins ‘Re-education Camp’ AmeriCorps Program

Oh, the Irony! Either this nutter doesn't believe her own bullshit about the AmeriCorps Program or her son is giving her the biggest fuck you he can think of? I hope it's the latter.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is not a fan of AmeriCorps, the successful federal program that offers Americans the opportunity to serve at local and national nonprofit organizations. Earlier this year, Congress passed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, which expanded AmeriCorps and increased volunteer opportunities at home and abroad. The right wing went into a frenzy over this national service “boondoggle,” and Bachmann took to the House floor and called AmeriCorps “re-education camps for young people“:

Listen here:

Ironically, Bachmann’s son, Harrison, has now joined Teach for America (TFA). According to the TFA website, “Teach For America is currently a member of AmeriCorps, the national service network.” The Serve America Act, which she voted against, supports programs such as TFA.

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