Lou Dobbs' Offer Half-Assed Apology For Threatening Howard Dean

CNN's Lou Dobbs threatened Howard Dean a few day ago. After being called on his hateful, incitement rhetoric, he was forced to apologize. But, as you will see, he almost chokes on his words.

From Sam Stein:

CNN host Lou Dobbs is expressing some regret for referring to former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean as a "bloodsucking leftist" who could only be stopped if one "put a stake through his heart."

In a statement to the Huffington Post on Tuesday, Dobbs made a quasi-apology, wrapped in a dig at his critics.

"I'm sorry if a Bram Stoker allusion is too literary for some, and for those who could not make what was seemingly an obvious connection, my deepest apologies and I'll gladly withdraw the latter part of my remark," Dobbs said.

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