Jeremy Scahill slams Chuck Todd, the media, and Congress over Blackwater

Jeremy Scahill slams Chuck Todd, the media, and Congress over Blackwater on "Real Time w/ Bill Maher":

"There are Iraqi and Afghan people that are forced to face down against them, when, I'm sorry, the US Congress does nothing to stop it....and journalists have done nothing to hold the White House accountable now, Chuck, or under Bush. This has not been an issue and yet it constitutes more than half of the fighting force in Afghanistan."

"Chuck, you called it political cat-nip to talk about the CIA and Cheney's role in this, because it distracts from the important issues," he said. "This is a central issue and you called it cable cat-nip."

Video via Crooks & Liars:

Chuck Todd got called out on Real Time by Jeremy Scahill for calling investigations into torture "political catnip". Apparently Todd has taken no lessons from his back and forth with Glenn Greenwald on the issue since he was still as defensive as ever when someone with well more than an ounce of journalistic integrity calls him out for his lack of it.

According to Scahill, via an email sent to Glenn Greenwald, Todd confronted him after the show:
Right as we walked off stage, he said to me "that was a cheap shot." I said "what are you talking about?" and he said "you know it." I then said that I monitor msm coverage very closely and asked him what was not true that I said on the show. He then replied: "that's not the point. You sullied my reputation on TV."
I think you might be the wrong business, Chuck. Telling everyone who confronts you that they’re taking a “cheap shot” – which you’ve said to me on several occasions in our email exchanges – is getting tired.

Perhaps you should take what people are accusing you of doing, or not doing, a little more reflectively. It might make you a good journalist some day. We all had such high hopes for you. What the hell happened? That, was a cheap shot.

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