UPDATED: GM's 230 Chevy Volt Miles Per Gallon Is Way Cool.

This is damn cool, and about damn time. Yesterday, GM announced their New Chevy Volt will get 230 miles per gallon.

From HuffPo:

WARREN, Mich. — General Motors said Tuesday its Chevrolet Volt electric car could get 230 mpg in city driving, making it the first American vehicle to achieve triple-digit fuel economy if that figure is confirmed by federal regulators.

But when the four-door family sedan hits showrooms late next year, its efficiency will come with a steep sticker price: $40,000.

Still, the Volt's fuel efficiency in the city would be four times more than the popular Toyota Prius hybrid, the most efficient car now sold in the U.S.

Most automakers are working on similar designs, but GM would offer the first mainstream plug-in with the Volt, which seats four and was introduced at the 2007 Detroit auto show.

The Volt will join a growing fleet of cars and trucks powered by systems other than internal combustion engines.

Unlike the Prius and other traditional hybrids, the Volt is powered by an electric motor and a battery pack with a 40-mile range. After that, a small internal combustion engine kicks in to generate electricity for a total range of 300 miles. The battery pack can be recharged from a standard home outlet.

UPDATE: Nissan's has now annouced it's own electirc-hybrid car: The Leaf Claims 367 MPG (from HuffPo):

As the Christian Science Monitor points out, Nissan is laughing at GM's entry into the space. Using the same formula as GM, Nissan claims 367 miles per gallon for its all-electric Leaf. In fact, yesterday Nissan took at shot at the Volt on its Twitter feed:

"Nissan Leaf = 367 mpg, no tailpipe, and no gas required. Oh yeah, and it'll be affordable too"

Like the Chevy Volt, the Leaf isn't due to hit the market until 2011 . Wired suggests that the Leaf will cost about $25,000, compared to the Volt's estimated $40,000 sticker price. Nissan also claims the Leaf will get 100 miles per battery charge, while the Volt gets just 40.

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