UPDATED: Glenn Beck's Hemorrhoids Come Back To Bite Him In The Ass

Jon Stewart reams Glenn Beck over his health care hypocrisy in a Then & Now comparison. Of course, the only thing that has changed since "then" is we now have a black President and Beck has moved his lunacy right into the funny farm that is Fox "news."

Glenn Beck's Operation

If only the ailing Glenn Beck, 16 months ago, had received the health care he's raving about today.

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Glenn Beck's Operation
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Here's the full video if you have the patience to sit through it.

UPDATE I: Check out this bizarre health care reform rant of Glenn's from July 20th (H/t HuffPo)?

Glenn Beck contributed to the GOP effort to kill President Obama's plan for health care reform with a bizarre and fear-laden rant on his Fox News show today. Beck direly warned Americans to "be afraid" because Obama is remaking the country "into a place that's a whole lot crappier," and that the nation is becoming a "hybrid between France and Venezuela."

That's just the beginning. The rant takes a bizarre turn as Beck begins to employ the use of various voices and odd facial expressions to emphasize his points.

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