CNN’s Rick Sanchez Owns Anti-Health Care Reformer Rick Scott's Ass

You know that tall, creepy, bald guy in all those misleading, anti-health-care-reform commercials? Same guy that most of CNN treats as a legitimate actor in the debate despite the fact that he's a liar, a crook and a fraud? Well, CNN's Rick Sanchez seriously owned his ass yesterday. Big time.

From ThinkProgress:

CNN’s Rick Sanchez ripped into Conservatives for Patients’ Rights founder Rick Scott today over his anti-health care reform advocacy efforts. Sanchez pointed out that Hospital Corporation of America/Columbia Hospital Corporation, which Scott founded, was charged with defrauding the government for more than a decade and had to pay the government a record $1.7 billion. “Some would argue, and it would be hard to say they’re wrong,” said Sanchez, “that you would be the poster child for everything that’s wrong with the greed that has hurt our current health care system.” Scott responded by pointing out that other companies also had to pay fines, which Sanchez responded was exactly the reason health care reform was so necessary:

Check out these other ThinkProgress stories about Rick Scott if you want to really know what a sleezy fuck he is:
Despite CNN's treating Rick Scott as an honest actor -- prior to Rick Sanchez's slap down that is -- Media Matters' Boehlert got to highlight the coordination behind town hall disruptions & Rick Scott's background.
From the 3 p.m. ET hour of CNN Newsroom on August 6:
SEIU took Rick Scott Back on in May:
After airing CPR's misleading, inaccurage "swift-boat" ads against health care reform, CNN and FOX News are finally asking the hard questions of Rick Scott.

We need to make sure everyone who sees his ads on television also sees the truth about Rick Scott - that his own company had to fire him to repair the damage he had done.

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