CNN's Dobbs Nightmare Continues To Metastasize

The AP has a story up about Lou Dobbs and how CNN really has a problem on its hands.

From the AP (
via HuffPo):

AP -- He's become a publicity nightmare for CNN, embarrassed his boss and hosted a show that seemed to contradict the network's "no bias" brand. And on top of all that, his ratings are slipping.

How does Lou Dobbs keep his job?
That's the million dollar question and one this article doesn't really answer:
It's not a simple answer. CNN insists it is standing behind Dobbs, despite calls for his head from critics of his reporting on "birthers" - those who believe President Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States despite convincing evidence to the contrary. The "birthers" believe Obama was born in Kenya, and thus not eligible to be president.
Even the nutter of all nutters stomped down on the birthers (and Dobbs):
Dobbs' work has been so unpopular that even Ann Coulter has criticized him.


Joked The Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes: it "explains their upcoming documentary: `The World: Flat. We Report - You Decide."'

Dobbs hasn't made it any easier by using his radio show to fight back at critics, who he called "limp-minded, lily-livered lefty lemmings." He considered going on CNN tormentor Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show to thank him (O'Reilly says the birthers are wrong, but he defended Dobbs' right to talk about it).
Dobbs (and CNN) has become a laughing stock:
"He's embarrassed himself and he's embarrassed CNN," said Brooks Jackson, a former CNN correspondent. "And that's not a good thing for any network that wants to be seen as a reputable, nonpartisan news organization."
This, from CNN Prez Klein is utter bullshit - Lou's TV & His radio show are one in the same - they're even cross promoted:
Klein said Dobbs does a smart newscast that explores issues that get little in-depth attention elsewhere, such as trade with China, health care funding and the stimulus plan. He suggested Dobbs' CNN work is unfairly lumped in with his unrelated radio show, and that he's judged on the show he did a couple of years ago, when Dobbs became a political target for his campaigning against illegal immigration.

The two men sat down after last year's election to make changes, aware that the anti-immigrant Dobbs' image ran counter to the brand CNN was trying to create. CNN calls itself the network of unbiased reporting compared to conservative commentators on Fox and liberal ones at MSNBC.

Since then, Dobbs has been doing a relatively straight newscast, Klein said.

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Yeah, that seems to work out real well for ya, Joe, didn't it?

For more on the CNN/Dobbs nightmare, check out these videos from Media Matters & John Stewart - they're pretty much self-explanatory:
Meet The Birthers: Look Who CNN Is Mainstreaming

CNN's Dobbs Probelm:

The Born Identity:

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And, how does Dobbs responds, well, it's the left-wings fault? It's always the lefts' fault when the simply point out what the right is doing in all it's racist, homophobic, xenophobic glory:

Check out what some of his fellow nutters are saying about him:

Chris Wallace:
Bill O'Reilly:

Time's Mark Halperin:

CNN's Howard Kurtz:

Ann Coulter:
And Just check out some of the other media figures and what they're all saying about Dobbs' crusade:
Media figures single out Dobbs for "fanning" flames of birther theories:
  • During the "Psycho Talk" segment on his July 22 MSNBC program, host Ed Schultz criticized Dobbs, saying he has "joined the right-wing conspiracy theory crazies" by promoting the "fringe birthers movement."
  • During the July 22 edition of the NBC Nightly News, correspondent Pete Williams reported that birther theories haven't "gone away, becoming a staple of blogs and conservative talk radio." Williams then aired a clip of Dobbs stating that "all the president of the United States has to do is produce a birth certificate," later adding that "legal scholars, liberal and conservative alike, are in widespread agreement that Barack Obama is fully qualified."
  • During the July 22 edition of MSNBC's Hardball, host Chris Matthews said that "[n]utty questions about the president's birth certificate are being fueled by conservative talk show hosts like Rushbo himself and of course some others like Lou Dobbs and the lunatic fringes out there." Salon.com editor Joan Walsh later stated that "lately with Lou Dobbs, with Liz Cheney, with that crazy at the Mike Castle rally, it's spreading. Something's going on here."
  • Los Angeles Times media writer James Rainey wrote in a July 22 article that Dobbs has been "offering the (nominal) credibility of his syndicated radio show, which airs on dozens of stations, and the CNN television brand as a platform for assorted wing nuts, whose conspiracy fulminations about Obama had previously been most virulent in the more disreputable reaches of the Internet." Rainey also quoted FactCheck.org director and former CNN employee Brooks Jackson stating that "CNN should be ashamed of itself for putting some of that stuff on the air."
  • Gawker's Alex Pareene also explored the birther movement in a July 22 post, "The Birthers: Who Are They and What Do They Want?" and cited Dobbs, among others, as a figure granting the birthers "legitimacy," stating that he was among the "semi-'repsectable' [sic] 'mainstream' pundits, writers, and politicos who know Obama is eligible to be President, but stoke the fires of nuttery in order to keep the base riled up, and maybe to win the attention of a few more suckers."
  • In a July 22 post, Salon.com's Alex Koppelman criticized Dobbs for "giving the birthers a boost" by, among other things, hosting Alan Keyes and Orly Taitz.
  • On her July 21 MSNBC program, Rachel Maddow criticized Dobbs for "using the platform of his CNN show to advance the birther conspiracy."
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