Yet, CNN can air THIS crap?

It is utterly amazing that CNN has no oporblem airing this lying piece of shit of an anti-health care ad (Via TPM):

But, they have issues with airing a truthful ad calling out an Insurance company executive from American's United for Change:

“CNN refusal to air an ad by American’s United for Change attacking the health Insurance Industry’s opposition to health insurance reform is outrageous. As a news organization CNN has reported how the health care industry, including CIGNA, is fighting key platforms of President Obama’s health insurance reform program. CNN should stop censoring television ads that criticize health insurers for obstructing real health care reform.”

Sign the petition HERE.

Or, this ad truthful ad about Birther Nutter in Chief, Lou Dobbs, from that Media Matters?:

Ad Calling Out Lou Dobbs' Birtherism Won't Run On CNN (from HuffPo):

The prospect of an anti-Dobbs ad running during Dobbs' own show had created quite a lot of buzz in the blogosphere. But now a source at Media Matters says that cable providers have refused to let it run on CNN -- for all but a portion of the New York viewing audience.

According to the Media Matters official, five of the six cable providers contracted for the project have informed the group that they are declining to put the spot on CNN. All of them will air the ad on Fox News and MSNBC.

In New York City, the cable provider ViaMedia will air the ad, though the company is a relatively small player in the city. Time Warner will air the Media Matters spot in New York, both on MSNBC and Fox News but not on CNN.

Noting that the ad buy was local, a spokesperson for CNN was straightforward in stating that the network objected to the ad's airing. "CNN retains the right to object to any ad run by the cable operator on our network whose purpose is to attack CNN or our employees," the spokesperson said.

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