ACLU Launches Campaign to Investigate Bush Torture Regime: "Tortured Logic"

As you've probably heard by now, Attorney General Eric Holder is moving towards appointing a criminal prosecutor to investigate torture allegations against Bush officials, but that it is going to be limited only to those who didn't follow the (illegal) torture policies verbatim, not everyone who tortured:

Reporting from Washington -- U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. is poised to appoint a criminal prosecutor to investigate alleged CIA abuses committed during the interrogation of terrorism suspects, current and former U.S. government officials said.

A senior Justice Department official said that Holder envisioned an inquiry that would be narrow in scope, focusing on "whether people went beyond the techniques that were authorized" in Bush administration memos that liberally interpreted anti-torture laws.

Well, the ACLU thinks those who wrote the memos & those who authorized the torture, should also be included in any investigation and future criminal prosecutions (as opposed to just the underlings like those of Abu Ghraib when we all know they weren't just acting alone -- but, following orders from up top):

The Bush administration never intended for their torture memos to be seen -- or heard -- by the public.

Send this video to Attorney General Holder and demand that he appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate those who committed and authorized torture -- wherever the evidence leads.

Send this Video to Eric Holder:

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