Yo! Sen. Baucus! The House Health Bill Will Cost $1T & Covers 97% Of Americans. What Seems To Be Your Problem Figuring Out A Similar Bill?


Senate Health Committee (not Baucus'' committee) just announced their bill is complete and ALL Democrats on the committee voted unanimously for it (no one gives a shit what rethugs do or don't do).

More soon....


Screw the Rethugs -- We don't need em to get Health Care Reform done. So says Rahm Emanuel & David Axelrod.

From Bloomberg (via ThinkProgress):

Bloomberg’s Ed Chen reports that two of Obama’s top advisers — Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod – “may rely only on Democrats to push health-care legislation through the U.S. Congress if Republican resistance doesn’t eventually give way.”

“Ultimately, this is not about a process, it’s about results,” David Axelrod, Obama’s senior political strategist, said during an interview yesterday in his White House office. “If we’re going to get this thing done, obviously time is a- wasting.” […]

“We’d like to do it with the votes of members of both parties,” Axelrod said. “But the worst result would be to not get health-care reform done.” […]

“That’s a test of bipartisanship — whether you took ideas from both parties,” Emanuel said. “At the end of the day, the test isn’t whether they voted for it,” he said, referring to Republicans. “The test is whether the final product represented some of their ideas. And I think it will.”


Sen. Max Baucus, get off your ass & stop whining about not being able to get a Health Care Bill done by August recess. stop Whining that you can't get one that will cover most American's but especially one that doesn't cost around than $1 Trillion over 10 years -- not by a long shot.

You're full of shit.

If you can't figured out how to do it -- to cover 97% of all Americans for $1 trillion over 10 year - that copy & paste the House version and call it a day.

We won't hold plagiarism against you in thsi case.

The Congressional Budget Office has now done an analysis of the House's health care reform bill, and the results are great. From the report (via TPM):

The tables included in the report summarize our preliminary assessment of the coverage provisions' budgetary effects and their likely impact on rates and sources of insurance coverage for the nonelderly population. According to that assessment, enacting those provisions by themselves would result in a net increase in federal budget deficits of $1,042 billion over the 2010-2019 period. By 2019, CBO and the JCT staff estimate, the number of nonelderly people who are uninsured would be reduced by about 37 million, leaving about 17 million nonelderly residents uninsured (nearly half of whom would be unauthorized immigrants).

House health care reform leaders were projecting a cost of one trillion dollars, and they hit that almost right on the nose. They propose to cover that cost through a combination of efficiencies wrung from Medicare and Medicaid and a surtax on wealthy Americans.

As for coverage, CBO found that the bill, if enacted would cover 97 percent of all Americans. This puts on a par--cost- and coverage-wise--with the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee's reform draft, which was unveiled earlier this month.

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