Yet Another Jim Cramer "Analysis" Crashes & Burns: Lenny Dykstra

While Lenny Dykstra is the main subject of the latest Jon Stewart rant, it's really all about CNBC's Jim I'm-wrong-more-than-50%-of-the-time Cramer.

How many times does this bozo have prove this before CNBC dumps his criminal ass?

From HuffPo:

It was only a matter of time before Jon Stewart -- an unabashed New York Mets fan -- tackled the puzzling rise and spectacular fall of Lenny Dykstra's career as a financial guru. Dykstra, an ex-Mets star, declared bankruptcy last week, after amassing what seemed to be a staggering fortune, including a California home once owned by Wayne Gretzky.


Stewart, also took a shot at Jim Cramer, who famously championed "Leonard Q. Dykstra" as a world-beating investor. Dykstra actually wrote a regular column for Cramer's TheStreet.com.

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