Shuster Responds To My Post On Page Six Hit Piece & HuffPo Promotion of It

Yesterday, I emailed David a link to my piece, HuffPo "Media" Editor Daniel Shea Regurgitated "Page Six" Gossip (Lies) About MSNBC’S David Shuster As News (Facts), which as you might recall, ripped the HuffPost editor for reprinting a NY Post fictional gossip piece on David's "bald spot."

Huff Post "media" editor, Danny Shea, reprinted a piece of unsubstantiated gossip from Page Six on the site earlier today -- which is undoubtedly more made up bullshit like so some many things related to MSNBC/NBC over are at Murdock's personal attack machine.

It's mind boggling that this kind of crap - which is certainly expected over at Politico & Drudge - makes it way onto a site that is supposed to be building up progressive media, not tearing it down.
Here was David's response to my email, which he asked me to hold off on posting until today:
Hey Joshua,

Thanks for this... I am indeed on vacation up at big sur and am amazed at this nutty story back east. I have never in my life complained about how I've been shot or framed...nor do I have any problem with the bald spot on my head or it showing up on tv. Everybody who knows me and works with me will appreciate how totally absurd this story is. The ny post is out of control... I'm sorry to hear huffpost picked up on this non sense as well. So it goes.
Now, here is David's response to Danny Shea himself, which to Shea's credit, he reprinted on HuffPo in full:

David Shuster flatly denies the Page Six item alleging that he "went crazy" after the "Countdown" camera crew filmed him from behind and exposed his bald spot.

His full e-mail is printed below, with his permission:


Never in my career have I ever been a diva or complained about how I've been shot or framed. Ask any director or producer who has actually ever worked with me. I'm the guy who is happy to do anything and NEVER complains, ever.

The ny post/page 6 allegation is a complete and utter fabrication. I have no issues with my hair or the spot on my head where I lack some. I have never complained or been concerned about being shot from behind. (We use the plasma shot nearly every show.)And, I don't "go crazy" or have "meltdowns" over anything.

I can't even think of any incident in recent weeks where I complained about anything and might have been misconstrued.

I can easily imagine however, why the ny post would make things up out of whole cloth. But, I'll leave that story to you.

Please give my denial as much space on huffpost as you gave to page 6.

Danny Shea should have contacted David Shuster personally, prior to reprinting the hit piece verbatim. BUt he didn't and for that he's an asshole no different than the media whores of Page Six who spew lie after lie about MSNBC/NBC just because Murdoch' & O'Reilly can't take Olbermann's near daily barrage of factual criticism.

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