Sen. Tom Coburn: Empathy Is Okay If You're A White Guy Vying For The Supreme Court

Check out Senator Tom pay-off-your-mistress-Senator-Ensign-now Coburn. Can you say double standard? LOL.

From DKTV:

COBURN, July 13, 2009: With regard to your judicial philosophy, the burden of proof rests on you. But in this case, that burden has been exaggerated by some of your statements and also by some of President Obama’s stated intent to nominate someone who is not impartial, but instead favors certain groups of people.

During the campaign, he promised to nominate someone who’s got the heart and the empathy to recognize what it’s like to be a young, teenaged mom. The implication is that our judges today don’t have that.

Do you realize how astounding that is? The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, to be African-American or gay or disabled or old.

COBURN, January 11, 2006: During Judge Roberts’ hearing, Senator Feinstein tried to get him to talk and speak out of his heart, and I thought it was a great question, so that American people can see your heart.

This booklet’s designed to protect the weak, to give equality to those who might not be able to do it themselves, to protect the frail, to make sure that there is equal justice under the law.

You know, I think at times during these hearings you have been unfairly criticized or characterized as that you don’t care about the less fortunate, you don’t care about the little guy, you don’t care about the weak or the innocent.

Can you comment just about Sam Alito, and what he cares about, and let us see a little bit of your heart and what’s important to you in life?
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