Scott Bateman's Latest Animations: "Sarah Palin resigns," "Glenn Beck on Al Franken" & "Obama on health care"

You got three great animations from Scott Bateman all in one post. Enjoy.

Sarah Palin resigns

Um, did someone give Sarah Palin Mark Sanford’s speech by mistake?

She sure is a maverick, quitting the job Alaskans elected her to do for no apparent reason! I cant wait till she’s president!

Glenn Beck on Al Franken

I’m kind of sad that Bill O’Reilly had a guest host on the night that Al Franken was officially declared a US Senator, but not to worry–Glenn Beck always brings plenty of crazy to the table:

Obama on health care

This is actual audio from the president’s 4th of July address to the nation over the weekend:

I’m still not quite understanding why a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate is afraid of tackling a public option that a majority of Americans would prefer to what we have now, and why the president is all kinda waffle-y on it as well, and how it reflects America’s can-do spirit to settle for much less than we deserve. I guess that’s why I’m not a pundit on TV.

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