UPDATED: Schumer Guarantees: There Will Be A Public Option

"Make no mistake about it, there will be a public option in the final bill – some form of it."
Charles Schumer on CBS’ Face the Nation this morning.
Wow. It doesn't get much more definitive that that.

From Politico (who I'm not linking to it, sorry) via DKos' Bonsai66:
“We want it to be a fair level playing field, but you need something to keep the big boys honest. And the only thing that really is out there is a public option. We don’t trust the private insurance companies left to their own devices, and neither do the American people.”

Schumer also said that it’s possible that the Senate will reach agreement on health care legislation before August 8 -- the next Congressional recess.
Read more from Bonsai66...

I'll get the video up asap.

UPDATE: Here's the video (h/t DKTV):

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