Rove: But Congress Leaks Stuff!

Karl Rover probably doesn't get the irony of his defense that Bush/Cheney had to lie to congress becuase they leak things. I mean, it's not like Dick, Scooter or Rove would ever leak anything that was top secret, like the real identity of a C.I.A. covert agent, right?

Form Think Progress:

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal revealed that the secret CIA program that Vice President Cheney allegedly ordered hidden from Congressional oversight involved plans to kill or capture al-Qaeda operatives. Last night on Fox News, top Bush adviser Karl Rove refused to comment when asked by host Bill O’Reilly if he knew anything about the program. “I want to limit my comments to what I’ve read in the newspapers and observations,” he said. Rove then appeared to make the argument that executive branch should not inform Congress of what it is doing:

To clarify, Congress did not “leak” details of the secret program....


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