Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

At least that's what Doug Hampton, the husband of John Ensign's mistress, must believe in now that things had settled down in the media for the adulterer senator.

Because he's talking and giving up letters to his wife from Ensign.

I don't know what more shocking, that he's got letters and is giving them to the media or that Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn told Ensign to pay the Hamptons off in amounts totaling millions.

From HuffPo:

The husband of John Ensign's mistress spoke publicly for the first time today, claiming that the Nevada Senator continued to pursue his wife, Cynthia Hampton, even after powerful political colleagues tried to stop him.

Doug Hampton said that Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn and others urged Ensign "to end the affair and help the Hamptons pay off their home and move to Colorado. But Ensign was so infatuated that he continued, Hampton said, reports the Las Vegas Sun.

He also claimed that Ensign paid Hampton's wife more than $25,000 in severance, which could be a possible felony violation of campaign finance law.

Hampton added that Coburn confronted Ensign and urged him to provide millions of dollars in assistance to the Hamptons to pay off their mortgage, in addition to getting Ensign to write a remorseful letter to Cynthia Hampton.

In the letter, Ensign expresses his shame: "I was completely self-centered and only thinking of myself. I used you for my own pleasure not letting thoughts of you, Dough, Brandon or Brittany come into my mind."

But that attitude changed quickly, says Hampton, who claims that Ensign later repudiated the letter and told him "I'm in love with your wife."

read/see the letter...

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