Numerous Media Figures Take CNN's Dobbs to Task For "Birther" Craziness

Figures from all corners of the media world -- from both conservative and liberal sides of the equation -- are criticizing CNN's Lou Dobbs for his birther lunacy. Here a just a couple of the first examples compiled by Media Matters. Click over to see the full list.

From Media Matters:

In recent days, as Media Matters for America has noted, CNN host Lou Dobbs has promoted the fringe notion -- labeled a "conspiracy theory" by his own CNN colleagues -- that President Obama has failed to produce a valid birth certificate. Numerous journalists and other media figures have subsequently criticized Dobbs for giving "credence," "legitimacy," and a "platform" to such theories. Media figures criticizing Dobbs run the gamut from conservative to liberal, local to national, and television to print and Internet:
  • In a July 24 post, washingtonpost.com senior producer Mike McPhate wrote:

Despite a widely circulated copy of his certificate of live birth, notices in two Honolulu newspapers, and other evidence, some won't let the issue die. Fanning the flame are commentators Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh, who have both suggested the question remains unresolved, and 10 House Republicans, who have co-sponsored a bill that would require presidential candidates to provide a copy of their original birth certificate.

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