New Bateman Animations: Pat Buchanan vs Global Warming & Rush Limbaugh’s Mark Sanford Theory

Here are two great Batemanimations from Scott Bateman:

New animation: Pat Buchanan vs Global Warming

Here’s some actual audio from MSNBC this past weekend: Pat Buchanan is asked about the energy bill and goes off a wonderfully insane tangent about how global warming is a hoax. And he doesn’t stop there:

Pat Buchanan: clearly, America’s #1 source of greenhouse emissions.

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New animation: Rush Limbaugh’s got a theory about Mark Sanford

Rush knows why Mark Sanford had an affair: it was Obama and the Democrats. Actual audio from Thursday’s show:

For someone who complains so much about America’s “victim mentality,” Rush sure plays the victim card a lot. Just sayin’.

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