Morning Doucheborough, After Attacking Pelosi Mercilessly For Calling The C.I.A. "liars," Calls Her "Friend?"

Watch this video and tell me that Doucheborough isn't the perfect name from Joe. I mean. this putz is the bottom of the cynical barrel.

Suddenly after attacking Nancy Pelosi and calling her a "liar," - over and over and over -- he tried to report on the story that vindicates her as if he wasn't part of the problem ? And with a straight face no less.

The minute he can, he jumps on a bandwagon, any bandwagon, that can make Democratic leadership look foolish. Only, he's the one who ends up looking like the fool that he is because like so many other douche bags, he's just arrogant enough to forget everything he's ever said or done on MSNBC or in Congress is ON VIDEO.

From Media Matters:

In the wake of reports by congressional Democrats that CIA director Leon Panetta has acknowledged to members of Congress that the CIA has misled Congress, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough noted on July 9 that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- whom he called "a friend of mine from Congress" -- "caught a lot of grief" in May for accusing the CIA of misleading her about the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. But Scarborough did not note that he was one of many conservatives attacking Pelosi in May for accusing the CIA of misleading her. Indeed, at the time, Scarborough called Pelosi's allegations a "joke."

This asshole owes Nancy Pelosi an ON AIR apology.

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