Mika Brzezinski: Palin connects with "real americans"

You got me! I'm not a real American. My bad.

This is a video clip of Mika Brzezinski from this morning's MSNBC's, Morning Doucheborough. It's bad enough that Mika regularly acts like Joe's battered wife, but now she's just showing her ignorance. Her father, Zbigniew Brzezinski, must be scratching his head wondering how someone as brilliant as he is could have such a dingbat for a daughter?

Oh, and Mika? You're not a voice from "the left." You're a right-wing parrot, like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, only your talking points come from the abusive husband sitting to your left.

From DKos' LaurenMonica:

If one more time that woman says "I'm a voice of the left on morning joe" I will laugh. WHat a joke. Today again she took her job as Palin's defense attorney back. I guess if it's good for Sarah Palin to spread lies on Barack Obama but one someone questions her leadership, it is wrong.

According to Mrs Brzezinski, Palin's connect with "Real americans". I didn't know that redneck, racists, KKK lovers, and other nutjobs are "real americans". Can Brzezinski tell us who are Real americans and who are fake americans ? So I guess, Conservatives are Real ones and Liberals are Faux ones. What a dumb woman. So New Yorkers are Faux americans if you listen to Mika.

The girl is getting dumb and dumber. Even Joe said that Palin's move was dumb, but Mika sees it the other way.

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