HuffPo "Media" Editor Daniel Shea Regurgitates "Page Six" Gossip (Lies) About MSNBC’S David Shuster As News (Facts)

Huff Post "media" editor, Danny Shea, reprinted a piece of unsubstantiated gossip from Page Six on the site earlier today -- which is undoubtedly more made up bullshit like so some many things related to MSNBC/NBC over are at Murdock's personal attack machine.

It's mind boggling that this kind of crap - which is certainly expected over at Politico & Drudge - makes it way onto a site that is supposed to be building up progressive media, not tearing it down.

Here's his piece (of Murdock's meme):

Tuesday's New York Post quotes a source saying that David Shuster, who was filling in last week as guest host of MSNBC's "Countdown," reportedly "went crazy" after the primetime MSNBC camera crew shot him from behind and exposed his bald spot (his regular daytime crew reportedly knows not to do so).

"David went crazy when he filled in for Keith Olbermann last week and was shot from behind, exposing his bald spot," the source, close to production, told Page Six. "He went crazy and is so upset about it, he's thinking about getting a rug."

MSNBC had no comment to Page Six, which has routinely printed negative things about its on-air talent. A rep for the network did deny the story to the Huffington Post, but a careful analysis of Shuster's "Countdown" clips shows that on Monday, July 20, during a segment on detainee treatment, Shuster was filmed from behind, exposing a bald spot atop his head:

He then goes on to provide video as if that was proof the incident happened.

When I tried to leave this comment of the thread of this cut & paste masterpiece of journalism by Shea, it was rejected:
Hey Danny Shea -

Do you consider regurgitating PAGE SIX 'gossip' as news, worthy of HuffPo?


Without ANY explanation about the long history of PAGE SIX making shit up about MSNBC, Olbermann, Chris Matthews and now David Shuster (on behalf of Murdock & Fox "news")?


Hopefully this pathetic post will be removed soon by the powers that be.
I tried five or six times, but to no avail. It's one thing to reject a comment that spread false info, links to hate or conspiracy websites, but to reject a comment like this?

Danny Shea doesn't deserve to be an editor if all he's going to do is spread unsubstantiated rumors/gossip as if this were The Telephone Hour in Bye, Bye Birdie.

Tweet @DanielShea and tell him what you think, after leaving comments of your own on the article's thread of course.

Then, tell HuffPo what you think of their site being turned into an outlet for right-wing talking points, rumors and lies.

I just figured out why there's tons of back-slapping Morning Joe/Willie Giest promoting & Keith Olbermann/MSNBC (Primetime) bashing stories in the media section of HuffPo: Daniel Shea
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