House Intelligence Chairman: CIA “affirmatively lied to” the committee

Remember when Nancy Pelosi called the CIA liars? and Republican Peter Hoekstra freaked, but then we uncovered the fact that others, Republicans, like Minority Leader John Boehner had already said they've lied before - as did Petie himself?

Well, now House Intelligence Chairman Silvester Reyes has just called them lairs as well, and this time it looks like he's going to back it up - as per his letter to Hoekstra indicates.

From CQ Politics:

House Intelligence Chairman Silvestre Reyes has suggested Republicans would be well advised to avoid politicizing the intelligence authorizaton bill later this week in light of evidence that, he says, shows that the CIA “affirmatively lied to” the panel.

In a Tuesday letter to his committee’s top-ranking Republican, Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, that was obtained by Congressional Quarterly, Reyes, D-Texas, wrote that the committee has recently received information that reveals significant problems with the intelligence agency’s reporting to the panel.


“These notifications have led me to conclude this committee has been misled, has not been provided full and complete notifications, and (in at least one occasion) was affirmatively lied to,” Reyes wrote.

Reyes did not describe or detail the alleged false or misleading statements to the committee.

“This agency and this director are committed to a candid dialogue with Congress,” said CIA spokesman George Little. “When Director Panetta believes something should be raised with the Hill, it gets done quickly and clearly. Our oversight committees recognize that.”


“Like you, I was greatly concerned,” Reyes told Hoekstra, about what the committee learned on June 24 and another unspecified date from CIA Director Leon E. Panetta . “As you know, I have begun to take steps to gather information on the recent notifications,” Reyes wrote. “This may well lead to a full committee investigation. I believe that you share my concern, and I look forward to working on this issue with you.”

Their petty response:

“We’re not going to respond to something so unprofessional as a letter that was slipped under the Republican staff director’s door after hours after everyone had gone home for the night,” said Jamal Ware, a spokesman for Hoekstra and Intelligence Committee Republicans. “It’s been two weeks since this [notification from Panetta] happened, per their letter, and they’ve not tried to have any conversations with the ranking member.”

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