Homophobia At It's Worst: The Family Research Council

Want to see something vile? The Family Research Council doesn't usually shock me when they come out against something like a woman's right to choose or gay right's. But, this one really left me stunned.

From TPM:

The Family Research Council has embarked on a new public relations effort against a particular Obama Administration appointee, Kevin Jennings, saying he should not be in his new position at the Department of Education because of his previous position in private activism -- as executive director of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Jennings is set to begin his new job on Monday, as Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education for the Department's Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, after his appointment was announced about a month ago. And this week, FRC launched a last-minute Web petition to oppose him. It asks a pointed question: Would you choose this teacher to guide your children?

They also have a comprehensive, point-by-point essay on why Jennings shouldn't be responsible for kids in school. Headings include, "Jennings' and GLSEN's concept of 'safe schools' means special protections for privileged groups (especially homosexuals), rather than safety for all," and "Jennings' own youthful drug use calls into question his suitability for promoting 'drug-free schools.'"

Think Progress has a FACT CHECK: The Right-Wing Smear Campaign Against Kevin Jennings.

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