GOP celebrates 24 hours without anything stupid, immoral or illegal happening

This is a great piece posted over at TPM from William K. Wolfrum. Here's an excerpt, but if you have ta moment, click over and read the full thing - it's a funny take on the "Permanent Republican Majority."

From William K. Wolfrum:

GOP celebrates 24 hours without anything stupid, immoral or illegal happening, "We're back, baby!"

WASHINGTON -- "We're back, baby!"

Such were the words of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele after being informed that the Republican Party had finished an entire 24-hour cycle without any of its members being caught in an act of adultery, quitting, or being convicted of any type of crime.

"This is something we are going to build on," said Steele. "I think the American people can now see we are able to go one full day without anything disastrous happening."

Following a train wreck of a month that saw Sen. John Ensign admit to adultery, S.C. Governor Mark Stanford go AWOL from his job before admitting he also was an adulterer, and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin give her three-week notice, the news that no huge scandal had broken in a 24-hour period had the Republican base feeling optimistic about its future.

"If we can go 24 hours, who's to say we can't go 48?" said Republican leader Newt Gingrich. "I'd hesitate to say we could go a week, but we're making progress."


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