UPDATED: Fox News' Liz Trotta On Sarah Palin. HUGE OUCH.

Oh, snap!

Liz Trotta (via HuffPo):

Even Fox News has started to turn on Sarah Palin. In the midst of a segment about the Alaska Governor's battle against "liberal" attacks, Liz Trotta went off-message.



Partial transcript from DKos' Muzikal203's:

It's very easy to say that the liberal media is caving in on her, and yes, they are; but she has given them a lot of raw meat. The woman is inarticulate, undereducated, and I pose this question: 'What do you think William F. Buckley would have thought of her as the standard-bearer for the conservative party?'

I think a lot of this criticism is well-deserved.

...This is one of the rare cases where I think all the liberal stylists like Maureen Dowd, Gail Collins, and the rest of them really have a case. I mean, she just begs for adjectives like flaky and wacky.

...[Maureen Dowd's column] was a well written, funny piece. And, you know, there's one other element here, and I think most writers are afraid to bring it up. They sort of skirt the idea that this is a woman who has used her good looks and her gender to really get ahead in the political world. That's something, of course, the men don't want to admit, and certainly not the women.

So what are we talking about here? We're not talking about a great statesman of profound experience whose banner is integrity. We're talking about somebody who, right from the get-go, has been a flashy person who gets into a lot of trouble and really has no credentials for any job.

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