David Frum v Ann Coulter v Bay Buchanan. Oh, my.

Could there be anything more exciting than watching the nutter turns on each other over Sarah you betcha Palin on live teevee?

From the CBS Early Show:

Sarah Palin resigns her office tomorrow. GOP commentator, Ann Coulter, Republican strategist, Bay Buchanan, and author David Frum speak with Erica Hill about some questions surrounding Palin.

Coulter: "She's up there, she's had 17, 18 ethics complaints filed against her. Everybody wants her to speak for them, everybody wants to attack her, and she has her hands tied behind her back because she has to be governor, not only in terms of fund-raising (for other GOP candidates and herself). ... She's too big to be stuck in a governor's office up in Alaska."

Frum: "Michael Jackson is also a bigger story than the president of the United States, but the American people aren't going to vote for him....Look, she's 45 years old, she's been the governor of a state; if she hasn't got the expertise, she's never going to get it.

"Basically, quitting for the stated reason that you can't get anything done in your job and because you can't endure the criticism you're receiving and then cashing in in order to make a lot of money is not a good resume with which to run for president of the United States. She was a calamitous candidate in October of 2008. We've never seen poll numbers for ... any national candidate decline as fast as they did for Sarah Palin. The more the American people know her, the more unacceptable she became and that trend's going to continue."
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