The Daily Show's John Oliver Rips Beck, Limbaugh & Cable News

The Daily Show's John Oliver, speaking in front of a "crowd of more than a thousand progressives," laid into Rush Limpdick, cable news, and hate host Glenn Beck.

From Sahil Kapur (via HuffPo):

The Daily Show's John Oliver is unhappy with mainstream journalism, and even drearier on the notion that he's something of a journalist....[snip]

"We're a comedy show, nothing more," he said. "We just try to make people laugh."[snip]

"The fact that some people prefer us to actual cable news is not a compliment to us," he told the crowd, "it's an insult to them."[snip]

Oliver said that as a comedian, he is grateful for controversial political talkers like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, whom he described as "kind of a joke in themselves" and "beneath contempt." They engage only, he said, in "bone-chilling meandering."[snip]

Oliver was in his own element, in the crowd of more than a thousand progressives, and earned more laughs and cheers than any other speaker during the evening.

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