UPDATED: Coburn Claims Dr/Clergy Privilege To Clam Up On Ensign Affair

No, really.

Another right-wing, christian extremist senator is now claiming that he can't talk about his role in the paying off of his fellow right-wing, christian extremist senator's lover because of Doctor-Clergy confidentiality!

From TPM's Zackery Roth:

We just told you about Doug Hampton's allegation that Sen. Tom Coburn urged his friend Sen. John Ensign to pay "restitution" money to the Hamptons on account of Ensign's affair with Hampton's wife. And now Coburn is denying the claim.

Roll Call reports:

Coburn repeatedly denied allegations that he urged Ensign to pay Doug Hampton, the husband of his mistress Cynthia, millions in hush money following a confrontation with Hampton. "I categorically deny everything he said," Coburn said.

Coburn also said he won't reveal -- even as part of a Senate ethics probe or legal proceeding -- what he told Ensign during the now-famous February 2008 confrontation over the affair, because he was acting in his capacity as a doctor and a deacon.


UPDATE: Sen. Tom Coburn Responds when peppered with question from the media; blames the media for "tearing families apart, " as opposed to the lying cheating hypocritical adulterer Sen. John Ensign and his pay them off advisor, the Senaotr himself.

From TPM:

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) lashed out at reporters on Capitol Hill who were asking him questions about his role in the Ensign affair:

You've got two families that are back together and you guys are going to help tear them apart. What do you think their kids think about what you're writing right now? You're helping tear two families apart that are back together. You need to quit. It's all manipulation.

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