CNN's Lou Dobbs Problem

It's one thing for Fox "news" to be spewing this nonsense. It's quite another when one of CNN's headliners does it. Lou Dobbs should be fired over this. Well, he should have been fired long ago for his racist, xenophobic, anti-immigration rhetoric (see here, here, here, here, here here, here, here, & here), but that's an entirely different can of worms. This is 9/11 truthers territory we're talking about and it's on CNN!!

From Media Matters:

Washington, DC -- Today, Media Matters for America called further attention to Lou Dobbs' continued use of his CNN show and his radio show to legitimize conspiracy theories about President Obama's birth certificate. Dobbs' mainstreaming of such claims comes even as other CNN figures -- including his stand-in, Kitty Pilgrim -- have repeatedly and resoundingly debunked them, calling them "nutty" and "ludicrous."

"CNN has a very serious Lou Dobbs problem on its hands," said Eric Burns, President of Media Matters. "All eyes are on CNN to see how the network will handle a host who has clearly become a stain on its journalistic credibility."

Media Matters released the following web video today on Dobbs' undermining the network's credibility:


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Even CNN's Rick Sanchez had on FactCheck.org's Viveca Novak to corroborate the Obama's birth certificate's authenticity. He even read from Obama's birth announcement in a Hawaii paper -- live on the air -- for God's sake.
Check out Jon Stewart railing against Lou last from the other night.

From DKTV:
Jon Stewart rollicks his way through an annihilation of the birther’s craziness, including the complete and total destruction of whatever morsels of credibility Lou "mean old man" Dobbs has left:
Here's Brian William from last night's newscast.

From HuffPo:

Anchor Brian Williams addressed the already-disproved claim that President Obama is not an American citizen last night in his Nightly News broadcast. The issue has become resurgent after a tape of a woman angrily questioning a GOP Congressman about the issue at a town hall spread like wildfire across the internet.

Williams called it "the question that won't seem to go away for President Obama even though it's been answered," and noted that it's become "a kind of conspiracy theory."

NBC's legal correspondent Pete Williams reported that despite being debunked, the conspiracy theory is "becoming a staple of blogs and conservative talk radio."

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