AmericaBlog has launched a new section devoted exclusively to gay politics. This is great move on their part. YOu can also follow them on twitter @AMERICAblogGay.



With the explosion of gay-rights related news in the last month - and really since Prop 8 was overturned last November - we decided the time was finally right. But rather than create an entirely new blog, we decided to create a special section of AMERICAblog that is devoted exclusively to gay politics. We'll continue to cover important gay politics stories on the main AMERICAblog home page, but we'll often send you to the new AMERICAblog Gay section for a more detailed discussion on a topic. We'll also be posting lots of stories on AMERICAblog Gay that you won't be saying on the AMERICAblog home page at all. The gay section of the site will have its own RSS and Twitter feeds, and all the rest. We've also tailored the sidebar news so that it exclusively provides updates from some of our favorite gay politics sites and blogs. And if you check the upper right hand corner of the gay section, you'll find that you can still follow what's going on on the main AMERICAblog home page. And finally, we're using the same comments system, so if you're already good to go on the AMERICAblog home page, you're just as set for the gay section.


We're really looking forward to this foray. And a good part of the reason we're doing this is the support we've had from our straight and gay readers during the recent blow up withe administration over the anti-gay DOMA brief. So, thank you all for both inspiring us, and more generally for the vote of confidence. We hope you like the new site section.

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