With a Dick-Dick here. And a Dick-Dick there. Here a Dick. There a Dick. Everywhere a Dick-Dick.

As far as I'm concern? Please, Media. May I have some more Dick? The more Dick is out there spewing his paranoid delusions, the deeper the hole of war crimes he digs.

So, let him dig. Let Rush rail his racist paranoia as well. And, we'll see you in 2010.

From Greg Sargent (h/t GottaLaff @ the Political Carnival) :

A striking new chart from Pew Research illustrates just how much media oxygen has been granted to Dick Cheney’s torture tour, his attacks on Obama, and his rearguard efforts to salvage his reputation. Click to enlarge:

Dick Cheney has been deemed far more newsworthy out of office than he was in it, and he’s way more newsworthy than Joe Biden, that nobody who happens to be the current second-in-command.

In a way, the news value accorded to Cheney partly reflects the utter absence of GOP leaders able to command the big stage and speak nationally for the party right now.

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