Will Republicans Admit That Their Partisan Outrage Over The DHS Report Was Misplaced?

Let's review Republicans official responses after the Department of Homeland Security's reports warning of right wing terrorism and then let's keep an eye on these elected Conservatives and see what they say now about that reports.

I'm hearing crickets....so far.

From Media Matters:

In the wake of today's shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, a number of blogs have recalled attention to the recent Department of Homeland Security report on "rightwing extremism."

At the time, conservatives used the report to launch attacks on President Obama and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Michael Steele, for example, said the DHS was trying to "segment out Americans who dissent from this administration." A few of the other criticisms included:

Rep. Bachmann: "To me, it looks like the extremists are those running the DHS."

Rep. Burgess: "I don't know that the secretary understands the depth of the disruption that she's caused...I think the appropriate thing to do is for her to step down and let's move on."

Rep. Boehner: "The report that came out of DHS was offensive, and unfortunately, Secretary Napolitano still has a lot of explaining to do."

Rep. Peter King: "[Napolitano] has never put out a report talking about look out for mosques. Look out for Islamic terrorists in our country. Look out for the fact that very few Muslims come forward to cooperate with the police. If they sent out a report saying that, there would be hell to pay."

Sen. Ensign: "...this report raised some serious red flags about the mission of the Department of Homeland Security."

Sen. Inhofe: "I believe this report to be very offensive to many Americans."

Newt Gingrich: "The person who drafted the outrageous homeland security memo smearing veterans and conservatives should be fired."

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