What would Pat Buchanan have to say to get himself fired from MSNBC?

I've been asking my self the same question over & over & over again. Why does MSNBC continue to give racist, xenophobic, homophobic Christian extremist Pat Buchanan not just air time, but air time numerous times a day sometimes all day long? And when they're questioned about it, when someone complains, you get this response: crickets.

From Media Matters' Jamison Fosner :

...the media debate over Sotomayor has provided a depressing reminder of what does happen to prominent white men who make racist, sexist, and homophobic comments: MSNBC, among others, puts them on payroll and trots them out to opine on matters of race and gender.

MSNBC's history in this regard is well-known. The cable channel gave Michael Savage his own television show, and then had to fire him when he told a caller to "get AIDS and die." It gave Don Imus a television show, and then had to fire him when he called members of the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos." It gave Chris Matthews a television show on which he had to issue a bizarre apology after making one sexist comment too many. (No such apology has been forthcoming for his habit of suggesting minorities are not "regular" people.)

But through it all, MSNBC has continued to employ Pat Buchanan, despite a long record -- which he builds on frequently -- of bigoted speech. Throughout his time in public life, Buchanan has engaged in speech characteristic of an era in which open prejudice was the norm. And yet no one in the mainstream media bats an eye over the fact that he continues to enjoy a position of influence and prestige on what is increasingly -- though not convincingly -- described as a "liberal" cable channel.

Buchanan has used his position at MSNBC to lead the charge against Sotomayor with dishonest and often unhinged diatribes against the nominee. He even offered an ugly and misleading attack on her for doing exactly what he has always claimed to want non-native English speakers in America to do: practice their English language skills...


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