WaPo's Dana Milbank to HuffPo's Nico Pitney: "You're such a dick"

If you haven't seen this Reliable Sources segment from over the weekend, it's a must see. In a press conference last week, President Obama called on HuffPo's Nico Pitney -- the White House had alerted Nico becuase of his incredible Iran blogging all week that he might be called on -- and WaPo's Dana Milbank threw a hissy fit.

Not only that, but he also lies in his version of what happened and was called out by Arianna Huffington. He came to this segment with Nico in full hissy fit mode and Nico went on the offensive from his opening comments. Evidently, Dana didn't like it. He called Nico a dick.

Of course, Howard Kurtz claims he didn't hear the nasty comment.

From Think Progress:

The discussion was evidently so heated that Milbank called him a “dick” at the end of the segment, as Pitney writes on Huffington Post:

The only thing that surprised me was when Dana turned to me after our initial sparring and called me a “dick” in a whispered tone (the specific phrase was, I believe, “You’re such a dick”). Howie Kurtz wrote on Twitter that he didn’t hear it, which is understandable — he was doing the lead-in for the next part of the segment on the ABC White House special. But it happened (I urge Howie to watch the video of the panel during the ABC intro) and it was frankly pretty odd.

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