Twightlight Zone: It is summer 2009, and John McCain is president...

Here's an interesting thought experiment, but is this really antyhign we didn't know already? I think not. IN either case, Salon.com's Michael Lind lay out for us what it would have been like had, God forbid, John McCain (and you, betcha) won the 2008 presidential election:

From Michael Lind

In which the author imagines what America would be like if the GOP\'s man had won. Critics of Obama, take note.

June 16, 2009 | Picture, if you will, an America apparently like our own. A country like ours bogged down in war on two fronts and suffering from the greatest economic slump since the Great Depression of the 1930s. An America indistinguishable from ours in every respect except that when you turn on the nightly news you see the face of President John Sidney McCain ...

OK, Rod Serling as host of "The Twilight Zone" probably would have said it better. But seriously -- where would we be in the summer of 2009, if in last November's election John McCain rather than Barack Obama had been elected president of the United States?


Nowhere is the difference between the Obama administration and a counterfactual McCain administration greater than in Middle Eastern policy. Despite domestic political limitations, President Obama, by taking a hard line on the expansion of illegal Israeli colonies ("settlements") in Palestine, has stood up to the Israeli right and its American allies more than any president since George Herbert Walker Bush in the aftermath of the Gulf War. If McCain were president, Israel's far-right Prime Minister Netanyahu would have a close friend in the White House and the executive branch almost certainly would be staffed in part with officials with longtime ties to the Israeli right wing, as it was under George W. Bush.

In foreign policy a McCain administration would have been a third Bush term -- or even worse than Bush III, if McCain had brought neocons back to replace the realists of Bush's second term. In domestic policy, a McCain administration probably would also have been a third Bush term.


If I'm right, then in the summer of 2009 we might have ended up with the worst possible economic policy under President McCain: a zombie bank bailout as costly and misguided as Obama's, combined with a too-small stimulus made up mostly of tax cuts. Add premature efforts at deficit reduction likely to kill off a feeble economic recovery, and the disaster would be perfect. Given that the zombie bailouts started under Bush and that tax cuts were Bush's preferred stimulus policy, in economic policy as well as foreign policy a McCain presidency might well have resembled a third term for George W. Bush.

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