Terry McAuliffe Get's Slaugtered in VA-Gov Race

DLC cretin Terry McAuliffe didn't just lose, he's was butchered in the Democratic Primary for Virgina Governor. Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah.

As @Shoq mentioned to me on twitter last night... McAuliffe lost for the same reason that Hillary lost: He thought he was entitled to the job.

McAuliffe thought he could just waltz on in to a state he basically didn't live in, spend a lot of money and surprise! -- obfuscate the facts about his own sorted record and associations and that no one would notice.

What a dick.

The final results from Virginia's S.B.O.E.:

With 98.88% reporting:

Creigh Deeds
159,219 (49.72%)
Terry McAuliffe 84,641 (26.43%)
Brian Moran 76,307 (23.83%)
I would have liked to see Brain Moran win, as he was the most progressive, and I feel for Joe Trippi, but McAuliffe getting elected to anything? McAuliffe being in any real potion of power ever again? That would have just sucked. , Creigh Deeds will definitely do if it couldn't' be Moran.

Congrats to Creigh & his family.

TPM has more:
Deeds Wins VA-GOV Dem Primary, Crushes McAuliffe And Moran

...Terry McAuliffe, the man who had the backing of the Clintons and had famously appeared on Morning Joe after the Puerto Rico primary, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and waving a bottle of rum to celebrate Hillary's win in that territory, has failed to break through in electoral politics.


This was obviously a bad career move for McAuliffe. After his cartoonish behavior as an advocate on TV for Hillary Clinton (some of which may have been deliberate performance art), he'll now also be remembered for tanking in this race. But it may have been even worse for Moran -- he resigned from the state legislature to be a full-time candidate for governor, so he's lost some definite level of political power that he'd already had.

read more....

Also from TPM: The Rise And Fall Of Terry McAuliffe

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